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Who has time to eat healthy and get fit?!

My husband, Seth, is a fitness guru! He is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to health and fitness. Featuring his expertise, we will be periodically posting health and fitness ideas that you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle.

I know, I know, who has time to eat healthy and get fit? I’m with you! I hate the gym and I would rather grab a burger on the way home than eating a salad any day. But these tips have been helpful to us, and won’t make you give up all forms of sugar or spend hours at the gym. Trust me, this will be helpful. Now excuse me, as I go grab a handful of M&Ms . . .

. . .

You’ve Got to Try This!

We all know about eating healthy, blah blah blah . . . Listen. I don’t have the time nor the creativity in the kitchen to dream up healthy meals, make ingredient lists, go shopping for them, and then spend hours laboring in the kitchen making elaborate meals. More importantly, I don’t want to! I value my time to do other things more than I want to cook. This summer during some light online surfing, I came across a meal service that caught my attention: Hello Fresh. Now, I know there are a few of these types of services out there and this type of thing is becoming more popular. I am not knocking any of them – I haven’t tried them. But I can tell you about the one we have tried, and it’s, well, just awesome!

Every Friday, we get a box delivered to our door (poor delivery man, we live on the third floor). We usually get four meals per week so there are four paper bags in there containing everything we need for each meal as well as any meats we’ve ordered, all packed around ice packs to keep everything cool. I’m talking down to the single garlic cloves and the tiny bottle with four tablespoons of vinegar, to the zucchini or potatoes needed for each meal. It’s already separated by meals, so when it’s time for dinner, I reach in the refrigerator, grab a bag, and start dinner. Each package comes with a recipe with simple yet detailed instructions for what to do. When the meal is made, I feel like a gourmet cook having created a restaurant quality meal! What’s really cool is we have the recipes so if we wanted to make something again (although that would mean going to the grocery store and actually shopping for the ingredients), we could do so.

There are a variety of meal option choices each week, so if you don’t like the default settings for what is being sent in your next box, you can go online or on the app and select different meal options. There are also vegetarian options available, for non-carnivores. We’ve tried one week of the vegetarian meals and have decided to try the vegetarian option at least one week each month – we love them! The nice thing is you can fluctuate between vegetarian and non-vegetarian plans from week to week, you can skip a week, or cancel altogether whenever you like. There is no obligation to continue.

I know this all sounds like a commercial, but really, it’s really cool! Not only do I not have to think about what’s for dinner, but this has been really cool for us as a couple. We feel like we’re going out to eat every night, with the restaurant quality food we’re eating. My husband comes home from work and as he passes by the kitchen, checks out what’s for dinner from the recipe I’ve laid out. We’re both excited to try new tastes and things we’ve never made before (I learned how to make quinoa!). AND . . . Ladies, hold on for this one . . . One day I was held up in a meeting and came home late to find my husband following the recipe and getting dinner started! It was an awesome evening of finishing making dinner together, and he telling me what to do to next! A date night idea, perhaps?

Ok, so if you want to try this, here’s the deal. Go to the “Contact” tab on our home page, enter your information, and comment “Please send me a coupon code to try Hello Fresh” along with your email address and we will email you a code. It’s usually for half off your first order, but sometimes we’re even given the opportunity to send a free box for your first week! Those are limited, but if we have one to give, we will be happy to send it your way! Just contact us and we’ll send you the code! Are you convinced yet? You definitely need to try this. It has changed our lives!

Now go eat healthy food!

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