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You may have heard of ipsy before, but have you tried it? I decided to give it a try a couple of months ago and it has been so much fun! Each month, I get a new small makeup bag (super cute!) full of fun beauty products to try! They send me an email letting me know it’s coming, and asking if I want to take a sneak peak, but I never look ahead of time. So when I get his super shiny pink package in the mail, it’s like Christmas! Sometimes it’s makeup, sometimes it’s moisturizer, or nail polish, or cleansers . . . When you sign up, you can select the things you like and the bags will be tailored to your tastes. If you really like a product, you can order more! This fun gift package only costs $10 a month and is so worth the products you receive! Sign up today to try it at


Every once in a while I find a product that is so amazing, I can’t wait to tell my friends about it. Here are some that I have found, along with some discounts for you!


HelloFresh has been one of the most helpful things for me as a busy person! Meal kits delievered to my door that can be prepared quickly and are delicious! For more details information about this service, see the “Health & Fitness” tab. Here’s a discount code for you:

BetaBrand Clothing

Such comfortable clothes! Especially the pants! You’ve got to try these! For a discount code, send me your email.

Rothy’s Shoes

The. Most. Comfortable. Shoe. Ever. Machine washable. It’s like wearing cloth tennis shoes that look like a dress shoe. I wear them every day, 10 hours a day. My feet don’t hurt. Just get a pair. Here’s a discount code for you:

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