Creating Moments of Closure

“Closure” is such a word of finality. It means the end of something. Perhaps the end of something bad. Maybe the end of something good. Sometimes we look forward to closure, sometimes we don’t.

Good Closure

Good closure can come in the form of the end of a project or a class you’ve been taking, or even a move away from somewhere, or ending a job or a career. For me, good closure has recently come in the form of my graduation. I actually finished my degree in September 2017, and my diploma has been on my wall since then, but there was something about attending that graduation last week, walking across the stage, and being there with all of the other graduates that really made me feel like I had done it, it was over, and I finally had my degree. Being a school teacher, I also look forward to the closure of every school year (June 4th cannot come fast enough!). Although I love what I do, there comes a time in every school year that you’re just needing it to be done!

Dreaded Closure

But sometimes we dread closure, like in the event of a relationship that we don’t want to see end, or even more dreadful, seeing a loved one pass away. And sometimes having a relationship end IS, in a way, like experiencing a death. Even if things weren’t good in the relationship, you still experience the emotions of a great loss in order to get to that needed closure.

If you’ve read my blog from the beginning, you know that I’ve been divorced three times. Yes, three times. So I KNOW about relationships ending and seeking difficult closure. And in each of those relationships, even though I knew they needed to end, I still also wanted to hold on. And in some cases, I did hold on. For a lot longer than was healthy for me. And although each ended for different reasons, when closure finally came, there was relief. And pain. But relief. And then there was time to heal; to get myself back up, dust myself off, and keep taking steps forward.

But, as painful as it may be, we NEED that closure to be able to move on with our lives. Anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of a lost relationship and then has found another love understands what I’m talking about here. Whether we slowly walk away, or quickly rip off the bandaid, so to speak, whatever we do to get closure on a certain relationship that isn’t working will clear the way for better things to come.

“Sometimes you have to let things go to make room for better things in your life”


So what are you harboring in your life today that needs to change? What situation are you in where you need to bring closure? What is holding you back from becoming the great YOU that you know you can be? It doesn’t have to be something as big as a relationship issue. Maybe it’s bringing closure to a life of unhealthy eating. Or maybe you’re holding on to a job that you dread to go to everyday. Maybe you just want to declutter your house but you are having a hard time letting go of things. Whatever it is, it is time to bring closure so that thing you can make room for better things in your life, better things that you don’t even know exist but are just waiting for you to make room.

Want to talk about a specific situation in your life where you need closure? Message me through this website, or email Let’s work it out together.

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