Weekend Getaway, The Highlights


If you follow my Instagram or Facebook accounts (@dsrelationshiptalk), you know that I’ve been on a weekend mountain getaway the past couple of days. If you don’t, then welcome to the party! (And when you have time, conveniently find your way to Instagram and Facebook, and find my pages and follow them! In fact, go there now, and then come back here!)

Although I have more to share about the insights this weekend brought to light, just for today, I thought I would share some of the scenery I enjoyed while I was there.

The Airbnb where I stayed was called “Treehaven” and it really lived up to its name. It was a haven indeed, surrounded by woods, and had an amazing view of the mountains.

This home had charm, quaintness, attention to detail, and really was a home away from home.

Outdoor seating was just as beautiful and comfortable as indoors.

And just some cool “homey” type of details that made this place feel more like I lived there.

My favorite little detail was a pained glass decoration hanging about the kitchen sink.

And check out this custom staircase to the second floor!

If you are ever in need of a getaway and can get to North Carolina mountains, I highly recommend you look up this place on Airbnb. It was divine!

Alright, enough of me sounding like a real estate agent. I’m just sayin’. This is a great place to check out!

Now that you know where I spent the weekend, stay tuned for what I discovered about life while I was there. More to come later this week!

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