Be Still

I told a friend that I was taking today off because I didn’t feel well, and the response was, “Good. You need to be still.”

So I took the day off from my day job because I REALLY wasn’t feeling well.

I mean, this wasn’t one of those “fake” I don’t feel wells. I really am sick. I slept in until noon, and then I got up, read and answered emails, ran laundry, took a shower, straightened the house, changed the sheets, and cleaned the bathroom. I also brainstormed some business ideas, and caught up on social media, and now I’m writing this blog. Then I will need a nap.

That was my version of a sick day.

So what does it mean to TRULY “be still?”

Because certainly, the way I spent today is not it. Do I really know how to “be still?” Clearly the answer is a resounding NO.

We all have different versions of what it means to be still, and some of us are still figuring it out. For some, it may mean to literally sit down, don’t move, maybe close your eyes, and just breathe. For others, whose thoughts would be completely overwhelming if we just sat down like that, it may mean doing something outside of the usual. Perhaps taking a walk, tilting your head back, taking deep breaths, and feeling the sun on your face. For others, perhaps curling up under a blanket with a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while. Maybe it’s catching up on episodes of a TV show you like or watching a movie you’ve wanted to see.

Being still can have many definitions, but in most cases it means breaking from the norm and doing something different. Something renewing. Something that causes us to get off the wheel of life for a bit, and focus on something different.

This week, we will focus on what it means to BE STILL.

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