What’s Right About Dreaming Big

I’m bringing this one close to home, so bear with me.

Last night at my husband’s birthday dinner, you would think we would be having light, happy, birthday conversation. But knowing me, always the deep thinker, you should know better than that.

So I asked him, “What are some things you want to accomplish before you turn 45 next year?” You might either be shaking your head or laughing out loud right now. I hadn’t even let him enjoy the few minutes of being 44 yet, and I’m asking him about year 45! But I wanted to know! (I’m laughing at the ridicularity of the situation as I reflect on it now). He said something about settling into his new job, figuring out if it was the right thing for him, etc. It was job related.

So then I asked, “If we became financially wealthy enough to not HAVE to keep our day jobs, what else would you be doing?” Admittedly, I expected him to say something silly like, I would not work at all! Or, I would be a professional nap taker, or something like that. But he took my question seriously and he didn’t take but a second to tell me, “I would be a personal trainer.” So there you go, ladies and gentlemen. Live in Charleston and need a personal trainer? He’s your guy! (Shameless plug). He actually is a Certified Personal Trainer and loves spending time at the gym, but it’s not his day job. Even more importantly, he loves to meet and talk to people, get to know them, and just generally be friendly.

So as we further discussed that, I thought, well, that’s not so far fetched! Maybe he could transition into something like that someday. And to myself, I thought, if that’s what you would love to do, why wouldn’t you do it? Why wouldn’t you outline a plan to someday (soon) transition into that? Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up every day and look forward to the job that you’re going to do?

Now, turn the camera lens toward you.

I ask you the same question. If you became financially wealthy enough to not HAVE to keep your day job, what else would you be doing?

You might have an answer right away. You might take a while to decide. Either way, it is an essential question we all have to ask ourselves to work toward achieving true happiness in our lives. Perhaps your answer is, “I would be doing the very same thing I’m doing now. I wouldn’t change a thing.” Then you are in your dream job, congratulations! But if that isn’t your answer, then what is? And how big are you willing to dream to get there?

When doing an activity, certain areas of our brain light up.

But did you know that those same areas of our brain light up when we are IMAGINING doing the same activity? (There are studies that have shown that to be the case, but I won’t bore you with them here. Google it.) So if that is the case, then dreaming about where you want to be already puts our brains in the frame of thinking that we’ve already been there! So again I ask you, what else would you rather be doing?

It’s time to allow our brains to dream. Dream big. Dream about where you really want to be. It could be the start of something really fabulous!

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