Time Away? Yeah, Right!

What if all you needed was some time away? Yeah, right!

You have responsibilities. You have obligations. Your job. Your home. Your family. Your church. Your pets. Everything. We all have THINGS that get in the way of us having some time away. We can’t really skip out on work (at least not too often). If we go away for the weekend, who’s going to take care of the pets? If there are children in your home, they probably have a soccer game or a music recital or something. If you care for elderly parents, it may be difficult to get someone else to provide care while you are away.

As we continue our series on being the best “me” we can be, let’s talk about when we need a break.

Even if you could get away . . .

There’s so much to do at home that you haven’t gotten to to yet! There are the piles of laundry, clean and dirty; those bathrooms that need to be cleaned; floors to vacuum and mop; closets to organize; dishes to wash; dishwasher to empty; baseboards to wipe; shelves to dust. The list goes on and on.

So how could you possibly, in your right mind, even plan some time to get away with all of those things going on?

I propose that is exactly WHY you need to get away.

What do I mean by “getting away,” you might ask. I mean just that. Getting away. Away from it all. Be it an hour; an afternoon; a day; a weekend; a week. Whatever you can spare.

How much time can you spare?

If you can spare an hour, consider going to a coffee shop and order your favorite hot or cold drink. Sit there and enjoy it alone or with someone you want to share your hour with. Or instead plan to take yourself out for a meal somewhere you really like. Other ideas include going for a walk or a drive, or even locking yourself in a room in your house for a short time. Maybe that room is the bathroom, but find a place to get away for an hour.

If you can spare a morning, afternoon, or evening, perhaps consider going to a movie or a show. Visit a different town close to you. Perhaps go to a park or a museum.

If you can spare a day, plan some of your favorite activities that may include a favorite restaurant, a favorite art gallery, a favorite place to shop.

If you can spare a weekend, find a place perhaps you haven’t visited before and explore for a couple of days. Or be a tourist in your own town. Find a workshop, class, or seminar about something that interests you and sign up.

If you can spare a week, plan to visit one of those places you’ve been putting off going to forever because you haven’t had time, and go! Or plan a staycation and explore places in your own town that you haven’t had a chance to do. Or if you have the ability to enjoy time at home uninterrupted, spend the week enjoying a great book of two, curled up in soft blankets, drinking your favorite tea; or binge watch a favorite show or series. (I try to avoid “get aways” at home because I always see something that needs to be done. But if you can ignore all of that stuff and just enjoy your home, go for it!).

We all really need time away at one point or another.

Away from the daily routine. Away from the rush. Away from cleaning the house and taking out the trash. Whether it’s a mental break in your own home, or a physical break away from home, find the time and just do it. You will be happier, and as a result, others around you will be happier as well, I promise. I’m not saying you SHOULD take a break. I’m saying you NEED it!

Give yourself permission to take a break as soon as you possibly can!

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