Take-out For Dinner . . . Every. Night.

A couple of weeks ago, we ate take-out every night. “What kind of a wife ARE you?” You might ask. I mean, let’s face it. My stove does get dusty once in a while, and my oven could be used as sweater storage from time to time. I just found some turkey sausage in the freezer that I forgot was even in there (and it was the ONLY thing in there), and the refrigerator mostly houses condiments. But we don’t usually eat take-out every single night. I do cook a few times a week. But last week we ate take-out every single night.

Before you judge, here’s why.

I was busy until late almost every evening. AND, to make things even more complicated, I caught the plague! Not the death plague that many have been fighting lately, but just a common head cold that made me feel miserable. It was all I could do to go to work all day, and I would get home late in the evening ready to collapse, just to do it again the next day. “Why not take a day or two off of work?” you might ask. Are you kidding me? If you’re a teacher, you know the struggle. Making substitute lesson plans and making sure kids don’t do stupid things while you’re gone is more stressful than just being there when you’re sick. Had I come down with a fever, yes, I would have stayed home. But a little sneezing and sniffling (ok, it was a lot of sneezing and sniffling) while teaching was not so terrible. Well, it kind of was, but still, better than the alternative.

Here’s what I learned.

Sometimes you have to choose where you’re going to spend the limited energy you have from one day to the next. I made my choice to spend that energy at work. You may not make the same decision, no one is judging you. But whatever you have to forego to maximize the energy you DO have, it’s OK. In my case, my husband had to put up with eating take-out all week. It was cool the first couple of days. Then it got to be like ok, which restaurant have we not yet eaten at this week and what unhealthiness do we feel like having tonight. Although I felt bad, he was very supportive and understanding, and made sure we were fed each evening. So I forgave myself, accepted that it was what I had to do, and moved on.

I feel much better this week, thank you (consequently, that’s why there was no blog last week nor the week before), and now I’m looking at another busy week ahead. Hmm, maybe some take-out will be in order once again . . .

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