Date Night

When my husband and I first met, we lived an hour away from each other. Our first date was on a Sunday. We spent the entire day together, and were very reluctant to say goodbye when it was time to part. Our next date was going to be on the following Saturday.

Halfway through the week . . .

On Wednesday afternoon, we were sharing our lovey dovey thoughts and things that would make most people want to throw up, and we both stated how much we really wanted to see each other sooner than our next scheduled date. This man got in his car after work on that Wednesday, drove an hour to Charleston, and took me out to dinner. We had a marvelous time, and wished each other farewell until the following Saturday when we could see each other again.

That mid-week date was such a nice break from our routine, that we decided to try it again the following week. We continued to see each other weekly on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. It became a “thing” that we would look forward to a mid-week break on Wednesday nights, get away from our daily grind, and focus just on spending time together.

This mid-week date night went on for weeks, then months, then years.

In fact, we still do it today. I can’t remember a time when we’ve missed a weekly date night. On rare occasions, we have had to change it to another night of the week, but we never skip it. Sometimes we have gone out to very fancy restaurants and spent a small fortune on a nice meal. Sometimes we have gone to a movie and eaten nachos and popcorn for dinner. Other times we have had “at home” date nights and watched an iTunes movie and ordered a pizza. It doesn’t matter what we do, we both know that one day a week, usually Wednesdays, is our time to spend together to reconnect.

My husband continued to work an hour away from our home for 3 more years after we married before he recently got a job in our area. But even though he now works close to home, we still keep our weekly appointment with each other. It’s become a respite in our week, a way to reconnect, and a break from all of our work and home responsibilities.

Not everyone has the time or money (especially if you have kids) to take a weekly night out.

I get that. But what I do encourage you to do is find time, maybe once a week, maybe once every couple of weeks, every month, whatever it is, to plan some time with just each other. You might be surprised to find how far apart you’ve grown, and that this time together reconnects you in ways you never imagined. Date nights don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. In fact, you can just have date night at home eating your regular dinner and watching a movie or TV show. Even more daring, turn off all forms of media and sit across from each other and talk.

I challenge you.

Pick a night. Tell your family and friends that you’re on date night and you won’t be reachable that evening. Put your phones aside, and just revel in time with each other. Maybe it’s been so long that you don’t even know how to do that any more. Make it happen anyway. When family or friends ask you what you would like for a birthday gift or Christmas or whatever else, tell them you would like gift cards for date nights. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Now excuse me, but don’t call me tonight. It’s Wednesday, and it’s date night.

P.S. For date night ideas, check out the “Date Night Ideas” tab on our web page. We’ve found some really great places while we’ve been galavanting around town and we’d love for you to enjoy them too!

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