Beauty or the Beast . . .

Have you ever been fussed at by your man for how much you spend on cosmetics, getting your hair done, getting your nails done, or any other beauty products? And if you’re a dude reading this, have you ever fussed at your lady for said expenditures?

Many guys are money conscious.

When it comes to finances, many guys are especially sensitive to when women spend money on things that don’t seem necessary (i.e.: a new shade of lipstick, a new nail color, or an expensive shampoo that promises to erase split ends). Some men may wonder why their gals need to spend so much money on all of that stuff! And to compound matters, why do we ladies have to spend so much time in the bathroom painting all of that stuff on our faces or messing with our hair?

Here’s why.

Guys, many of us ladies attracted you by wearing that stuff on our faces and by having outrageously expensive things done to our hair. Before we met you, we spent that money to buy just the right shades of lipstick or nail polish, and we saw our hairdressers religiously to make sure our hair didn’t turn into sloppy mops on our heads. We did all of these things because we wanted to look good, feel good, and possibly even attract a mate that thought we looked good enough to get to know.

So what happens after we get married?

One of two things. Ladies, we either stop doing all of that wonderful stuff to ourselves and “let ourselves go” to a beastly mess, or we continue to use all of the beauty products and spend the money on our hair, sometimes (often?) to the tune of complaints from our men about the money we spend.


Although we need to be money and budget conscious, not complaining about the money your girl spends to get her hair and nails done (within reason, of course) can help your girl to feel beautiful and be happier. If the spending on beauty products gets to be a bit much, you two can work together on that. Imagine if your girl could feel free to keep up her appearances. You might be amazed at that beauty by your side!


Let’s keep it within reason, ok? But do pretty yourself up and don’t let yourself go. You did something to attract him (intentionally or not) in the first place. Keeping up our appearances will go a long way toward keeping that interest alive.

Why do I write this?

True confession time. I have about 12 different kinds of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, lip whatevers in my makeup box at the moment. There are at least 24 shades of nail polish in another box under the bathroom sink. I love having my ever-so-curly hair chemically straightened and will pay dearly to get it done. Two shades of blush are not enough, and three different types of highlighters are just the beginning. Sound excessive? Probably is and yes, I should probably scale back a bit. But my man knows how much it means to me to make myself up and look nice. It makes me feel good. It makes me happy. And when I’m happy, he’s happy. Does he sometimes have to talk me down from buying another shade of purple nail polish (it’s just slightly different from any of the other 12 shades I own!) or not getting the ultra hair treatment, cut, color, and style all in one sitting? Yes, sometimes he does have to talk some sense into my beauty routine. But he’s never kept me from doing what it takes to look my best, and in return, I do my best to not break the bank with my beauty product spending.

The result?

Two happy people who continue to support each others’ lifestyles in healthy and supportive ways. So how about you? Beauty? Or Beast?

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