Not a Blog

This is not a blog. This week has been such a busy one, I haven’t even had time to write a blog. Well, I actually did have time to write last evening, but it was either write or go to the theatre with my husband. So, of course I made the decision to go on our date . . . Duh. Who wouldn’t make that choice?
But how many times have we turned down spending time with a significant other or a loved one because we had something else to do? Maybe it wasn’t to go on an elaborate date or something fantastic, maybe it was just sitting at home watching TV or sharing a meal at the dinner table. Yet, I can think of times when I stayed at work late, thinking “If I can finish this one more thing, I’ll go home.” Or times when I planned one more activity or lengthened an activity at church, telling myself, “The choir could really use the extra practice time.” There is nothing wrong with getting that work done, or spending more time doing things that need to be done. But at what point do we look at ourselves and say, “Enough! I am keeping myself from spending time with the one I love! Go home!” This is a lesson I am working on learning. Of course it depends on the time of year. I am a music teacher and certain times of the year there are concerts, and extra events, and after school practices, and staff meetings, and meetings with people I mentor and, and, and . . . Ok, maybe it’s from August through June, but still . . .

So yeah. At some point, I have to make a conscious decision to say “no” to the extra stuff and say “yes” to spending time with my love no matter the cost to my professional life. If you’re anything like me, leaving work unfinished is very painful. Literally. Painful. In fact, I left work at 5:30 pm yesterday (I could have left at 3:00 pm) because I had to be somewhere else at 6:00 pm. As I was walking out the door, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to print one sheet of paper I needed for the next morning. I quickly walked halfway back to my computer (which was already shut down) to do that one last thing before I actually left, and then stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of the room. “GO HOME!” I said to myself out loud! “It’s one piece of paper that will take two seconds to print in the morning!” 

I’m learning. Maybe you struggle with this too. Let’s keep reminding ourselves that in the end what really matters and what we will remember is the time we spent with each other instead of the piece of paper that I should have printed, the extra music rehearsal, or the extra hours I spent preparing that stellar lesson plan. So I guess this did kind of turn into a blog. But I don’t have time to finish it. My husband will be home any minute. Until next time!

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