Welcome to DS Relationship Talk!

Hello and welcome to our new blog!

unnamedI am Denisse and my husband is Seth. We’re just two ordinary people navigating through life and love, trying every day to make things work. If you’re anything like us, you’ve had your really low relationship moments as well as moments of euphoria. Whether you are single and looking for the right “one,” dating and wondering if that person is the right “one,” or married and wondering how many more times you can take seeing the top off of the toothpaste or the toilet seat up, I guarantee you we’ve experienced those moments! We want to make this a blog about our experiences and hope that something will resonate with you that will help you along this often difficult journey.

So why trust us and our advice?
Let’s be honest, taking relationship advice is hard. We often gravitate toward people who will only tell us what we want to hear. As you will see from each of our posts, we are up-front, no frills, tell-it-like-it-is kind of people. We’ll tell you the struggles we’ve been through, and we’ll tell you how we got through them. We are open and honest and don’t sugarcoat things for anyone’s benefit. It may not be exactly what you want to hear, but trust me, it will be something from which you can learn and hopefully avoid mistakes we’ve made along the way.

What makes us experts?
Let me tell you a little bit about our backgrounds. We’re in our 40s, and were married and divorced before we met each other. My husband went through this tragedy once. Me? Three times. Yep. I’ve been married and divorced three times. (Gasp!) Seth is my fourth (and LAST) husband! So you probably can’t tell me anything you’re going through that I haven’t experienced. I know what it’s like to think you’ve found “the one” and have your dreams crushed shortly thereafter. I know what it’s like to wonder if the person you’re dating is the person you could live with for the rest of your life. I know what it’s like to wonder if you’re even really cut out to be marriage material, or if there are any “good ones” even left out there. In upcoming blogs, I will dissect bits and pieces of our story so you can see our mistakes as well as successes, and hopefully, you can apply what we’ve learned to your own life.

You can be happy!
Let’s face it: in a world where divorce is such a rampant occurrence – some statistics claim that over 50% of marriages fail – there is hope for finding “the one” if that’s what you want in your life. We all want to be happy, and if your happiness involves having someone special in your life, then it can be done. If happiness means you will be single for a while, that’s ok too! In upcoming blogs, we will share with you the steps we took to find each other and how these steps can work for you.

We also look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories as we go along this journey together. Until next time!

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